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Concepts of The City Free Essays

string(75) appears when the network is sufficiently huge to act naturally sufficing. Swarmed, overpowering, difficult work, contaminated, distressing and disorganized. Not just words every now and again used to depict western urban areas in a post-present day period, yet in addition ideas depicted through David Williamson’s play â€Å"Corporate Vibes†. The city is unquestionably a differing place. We will compose a custom exposition test on Ideas of The City or on the other hand any comparative subject just for you Request Now There isn't one expression that can altogether depict a city, as its picture is molded through its stylish nature, yet in addition the individuals who make it up, and the ventures that it is notable for. People’s impression of the city fluctuate with understanding. Thusly numerous writings are stubborn. Indeed, even Leo Meier’s dazzling photo of Sydney Harbor was painstakingly intended to create a perfect portrayal of the city. It is plainly clear the city is a wellspring of motivation to authors. There are a huge scope of writings highlighting the city as a focal component, which all pass on fluctuating pictures, going from wrongdoing to innovation, sexuality, magnificence and opportunity. Corporate Vibes by David Williamson is a play brought together around a city domain. It is my conviction the content deficiently depicted the entire idea of the city, as Williamson generalized his characters, yet centered his whole methodology around business life †as unreasonable as it might have been. The corporate world is certainly a significant part connected with the city, yet it is only one part of the ordinary acculturated society. Williamson endeavors to humor thoughtful crowds with the focal topic a contention between the customary totalitarian method of the executives and present day schools of mediation. He presents an optimistic authoritative hypothesis inside the commonsense truth of corporate force structures, which itself contributes as a wellspring of silliness to the recognizable city-occupant. The entire structure of an organization is stressed taking things down a notch by the author. A Chief Executive Officer exists just as a Marketing and Sales Manager, and the Human Resources and Equal Opportunities Officer. This common business structure is utilized to relate to a crowd of people, and ridicule the frequently wasteful methodologies utilized in the play. Williamson additionally centered around the particular employments, preparing and associations that are one of a kind to the city, and are once in a while found in nation towns. The organization â€Å"Siddons Residential† structures condos to fit the cityscape, and in this way this entire idea is a lot of a urban issue. When talking about selling qualities of lofts, the character of Megan referenced, â€Å"People are tired of social isolation†¦ the new move is towards connectedness, network, interaction†. This features the possibility of secrecy and distance in the city, which can be seen on both a positive and negative premise. It very well may be ameliorating to stroll down the road and realize not one individual has any thought with regards to what your identity is; yet this can likewise be a desolate idea. Sexual opportunity is a subject, which in itself can prompt confinement. Opportunity as such is recommended a few times all through the play, particularly concerning James Glenby, who Sam alludes to as â€Å"†¦ the Oberfuhrer and extraordinary gay God of all things†¦. † The supervisory group likewise should be understanding when Brian communicates his desire to turn into an inside planner. It is frequently viewed as feminine for a male to enter such a calling, so Brian’s partners were careful to be especially delicate when he communicated his desires to make his own extraordinary style, †a style which must be found in the city. This opportunity of sexual articulation is all the more solidly exhibited by the freedom felt by minority bunches in the city, for example, gay people who express their uniqueness in such celebrations as the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gra. Strain to act in a vocation is a critical issue in the corporate world. Worry over the chance of losing an employment is continually found in the city where seriousness is fantastically high. The character of Brian referenced an average protest by representatives, when he expressed â€Å"†¦ Flat structures. Dispose of center administration. Spare expenses by getting multiple times the work from a large portion of the staff. † This thought of eliminating positions and consequently overheads is fairly a no-no among staff. Sam understood this issue, when he remarked, â€Å"When folks hit fifty they’re finished†¦ everybody disposes of them nowadays. † It is evident this weight begins from exceptionally serious workplaces which advocate a ‘healthy’ battle, for the two employments, and piece of the pie. Organizations are out to make a benefit, and have no issue with winnowing â€Å"dead wood†, as there will consistently be more youthful, all the more innovatively propelled laborers prepared to fill void places, and ready to work for less. The character of Sam summarized this thought when he commented, â€Å"Feelings have nothing to do with business †you either perform, or you don’t perform†. Sam lacked the capacity to deal with Deborah †amusingly the EEO official, who is an Aboriginal lady. Sam is confronted with the issues of multiculturalism and political accuracy †matters that are pervasive in the city condition. Projects, for example, Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity, intend to give individuals everything being equal and sex an opportunity in the working scene. It is just in city regions, that such a need is perceived; and this entire idea has been fused in the play by both the race and sexual orientation of specific characters. Acknowledgment of assorted variety is basic in a urban situation, for life to run nearly easily. The corporate connection among Deborah and Sam was continually an antagonistic one, since he was unable to acknowledge Deborah as a genuine working partner because of her experience and capabilities. Particularly considering the city is such a huge spot in populace, the acknowledgment of others is critical to both an organization and a city itself . Connections must be kept up to benefit effectiveness and efficiency. Individuals continually depend on one another, and without individuals there would be no city. Indeed, even a huge number of years prior, this thought was as yet regarded. The savant Aristotle reprimanded Plato’s thought that the more prominent the solidarity of the express the better, when he commented, â€Å"A city possibly appears when the network is sufficiently enormous to act naturally doing the trick. You read Ideas of The City in classification Papers If independence is to be wanted, the lesser level of solidarity is more alluring than the more prominent. † obviously independence is just accomplished through co-activity and union. What great is an enormous city in the event that it won't cooperate? Here, Aristotle is basically remarking that it is progressively valuable to have a littler unit of individuals cooperating in a network, instead of an enormous gathering moving in contradicting bearings. Therefore contrasts should be defeated through acknowledgment, for individuals to team up and for a city to work. This pressure and disordered life experienced in the city can be differentiated by the ideal pictures frequently introduced in movement leaflets and on postcards. Leo Meier’s untitled photo of Sydney Harbor is one such model. The content portrays the city to be a superb, stylish spot, which is still in contact with nature. The setting of nightfall catches the second when the city is simply starting to wake up, and is in no way, shape or form serene in the wake of a monotonous day. The writer has expected the city to be depicted as ceaseless, yet a symbol of magnificence, which is particularly Australian. The impression communicated by the picture is that of watchfulness and a never-dozing city, yet one which has a renowned nightlife and happy climate. The working life by day has vanished, and the social side of the city is simply being uncovered. The wide focal point utilized, which has made an all encompassing perspective, catches the sheer territory of the Harbor. The water itself moves a feeling of quiet, as it shows up fairly like glass, mirroring the mayhem of the city nightlife above. The Harbor differentiates the city to underline Sydney’s tumultuous nature and the component that is rarely resting. The variety of hues, the lighting utilized, and vantage point all pressure the association between the city and its memorable and common segments. Corporate Vibes is essentially fixated on the inside and outer battles experienced by an organization in the workforce, where as this photo shows the connection between the economy and the city’s tasteful characteristics found in nature and chronicled structures. Albeit Corporate Vibes concentrated on difficulties and troubles experienced in the work environment, its recognition was not so much negative. The sonnet ‘City Trip’ by Cynthia L Hoefling, is somewhat dooming about the city as a rule, with the content concentrating its primary topic on gloom and sadness. In spite of this element, the arranger additionally endeavors to make empathy for a city, amidst communicating poignancy and cynicism. The creator embodies the city with the goal that it very well may be contrasted with a mother, which is apparent in the line â€Å"†¦ I have seen her sob for her children†. A once cheerful and vivacious spot, presently the city has been subverted by the malevolence of its occupants and their aloof disposition, changing it into an undermining, unnatural and desolate territory. In the sonnet, the negative components are believed to devastate the city’s tasteful and social excellence, less that the crowd comes to loathe it, yet more so feels distress for a conceivably vivacious and striking element of a country. The artist depicts the city in a basic state, as portrayed by the line â€Å"†¦ age lights blazing with urgency†. Unwanted ventures have attacked this unified a

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Email Services and Customer Privacy in Light of Googles Gmail Service :: Internet

Email Services and Customer Privacy in Light of Google's Gmail Service Presentation Should email clients select to surrender their private correspondences to enterprises as a byproduct of the guarantee of increasingly by and large security, just as different motivations? Or on the other hand should organizations be forestalled to utilize the substance of email for any reason, forced by an administration information security law, regardless of whether assent is given or not? On account of the US-based partnership, Google, with its Beta presentation of Gmail[1], another free email administration, a client who joins to Google's new email administration and its Privacy Policy [2] and Terms of Use [3], additionally joins to have their email's substance read by a PC and handled by Google. This viably reports they have no desires for the security [4] of anything identified with their email, even what is kept in touch with them by different gatherings. Which, thusly, considers one's fourth Amemdment rights to be additionally weakened in light of the fact that the models for confirming that a hunt is sacred is: on the off chance that it doesn't disregard an individual's sensible or real expection of protection. [4,7] Will Google's striking move start a rush of new employments of client's private information that may facilitate errode security by indicating that our desires for our own mail, telephone discussions, or different types of interchanges, are open space, or atleast allowed to bartar with so as to acquire different administrations? When would this be able to winding impact on our privileges to protection be switched, if by any means? As of now, there have been objections from Europe [1], where there exists stricter information assurance strategies than the US,due to numerous components that incorporate the occasions of September 11 just as the position on self guideline on security issues here in the US[5,6]. Atleast 31 associations have composed a letter calling upon Google to suspend its Gmail administration until the protection issues are sufficiently tended to. [9]the Gmail Services and their Issues Here are a portion of Gmail's proposed administrations and some Pro's and Cons. Most importantly, the administration allures clients to join by giving one GigaByte of email stockpiling. This gives clients a valid justification to switch and afterward remain, yet it likewise takes into account the putting away of other delicate data other than content that may have future security issues [1]. Furthermore, the information might be put away inconclusively, much after the client erases it or ends their record.

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Only Have a Minute 7 New Collections of Short Fiction for SFF Lovers

Only Have a Minute 7 New Collections of Short Fiction for SFF Lovers Short stories are often the purview of literary writers â€" writers like Jhumpa Lahiri and Ann Beattie â€" who explode simple everyday choices to expose the deep currents of emotions motivating their characters. But short fiction also has an interesting relationship with speculative fiction. Very often, short fiction has functioned as a laboratory for these same literary authors, allowing them 7,500 words to play in a genre they wouldnt ordinarily write or allowing a story to meander over the line from reality to fantasy. Like their lit fic cousins, SFF writers often get their start by writing short pieces for journals, magazines, websites, and anthologies. By the time theyre established writers, theyve got a lot for a collection.  So many ground-breaking story collections come from the fantasy and science fiction genres: I mean, look at Asimovs I, Robot.  Or Kurt   Vonneguts Welcome to the Monkey House.   Want to read a short story yet? Here are 7 new and upcoming collections of SFF short stories, including anthologies and collections. The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories (March 8, 2016) by Ken Liu Ken Liu is probably best known for his novel The Grace of Kings, and for his work as the translator of Cixin Lius Hugo-winning novel, The Three Body Problem. He is an award-winning short story writer, and this collection contains many of those pieces, including the title story, about a mother who creates origami for her son, The Paper Menagerie the most awarded story in the genre’s history, “The Paper Menagerie” which won the Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy awards. Rise: The Complete Newsflesh Collection (June   21, 2016) by Mira Grant Mira Grants Newsflesh series is about the zombie apocalypse if humans won, and then had to co-exist with zombies. This is a collection of eight short pieces set in the zombie-infested world of her series, a world terrorized by a virus created by humans. The book includes two never-released novellas. (Grant describes the book as her own personal Frankenstein monster.) None of the pieces have ever appeared in print before. Urban Allies: Ten Brand New Collaborative Stories (July 26, 2016) edited by Joseph Nassise Lets all take a moment to appreciate the collaborative short story. An author has to work with another author, bringing their individual storytelling styles together while telling a compelling (and coherent story). Well, heres an entire book of such collaborations. Each story brings two characters from two different urban fantasy franchises into one narrative, imprisoning them in dungeons together, putting them in haunted houses, you name it. Includes work by Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden, Carrie Vaughn and Diana Rowland, Jonathan Maberry and Larry Correia, Kelley Armstrong and Seanan McGuire, Joseph Nassise and Sam Witt, Steven Savile and Craig Schaefer, David Wellington and Weston Ochse, Stephen Blackmoore and Jeff Somers, C. E. Murphy and Kat Richardson Jaye Wells and Caitlin Kittredge. New Worlds, Old Ways: Speculative Fiction from the Caribbean,  edited by Karen Lord (November 15, 2016), Karen Lord, the award-winning author of Redemption in Indigo, edits this collection of speculative fiction by writers from the Caribbean. The blurb promises robots and fantastical beasts, but promises too that the themes in each story will be familiar to any reader from the Caribbean. Includes stories by Tammi-Browne Bannister, Summer Edward, Portia Subran, Brandon O’Brien, Kevin Jared Hosein, Richard B. Lynch, Elizabeth J. Jones, Damion Wilson, Brian Franklin, Ararimeh Aiyejina and H.K. Williams. Slipping: Stories, Essays, and Other Writing, by Lauren Beukes (November 29, 2016) Okay, guys, so his one isnt strictly short stories. Lauren Beukes, the South African author of The Shining Girls and the recently re-released Moxyland and Zoo City, includes non-fiction with fiction in this collection. (Her nonfiction has been widely published, as has her fiction.) The stories in Slipping include dystopian science fiction, talking cats, fighter pilots saving Tokyo, and killer art installations.   If youre a fan of Beukess dystopian visions of Johannesburg or her wicked sense of humor this books for you. The Witchs Vacuum Cleaner and Other Stories  by Terry Pratchett (January 3, 2017) This posthumous collection is an artifact for fans of Sir Terry Pratchett and Discworld. If you want to see how Pratchetts writing and sense of humor evolved, this is probably the book youve been looking for. These are the stories that Pratchett wrote as a young man, as young as 17, according to the promo materials, which say he wrote these stories when he was working as a junior reporter for a newspaper in the U.K. The stories feature wizards and magic, among other subjects â€" the ideas that he played with as a mature author are visible here in these early pieces. Track Faults and Other Glitches: Stories of the Impossible in Singapore by Nicholas Yong (July 1, 2017) Im venturing pretty far into next year with this, but I could not help myself, once I saw that the stories feature an alternate version of Singapore, including something called the Zombie Civil Service (zombies as peacekeepers? I am all in) and a Shiba Inu on a quest. It looks cool, it looks weird and I want to read it. Save Sign up to Swords Spaceships to  receive news and recommendations from the world of science fiction and fantasy. Thank you for signing up! Keep an eye on your inbox.

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Insomnia and Cognitive Behavior Therapy Essay examples

Insomnia can be defined as a purpose or apparent complexity in falling and staying asleep. Dissimilarities in variables used for measurement sleep-onset time, time asleep, and time awake by some, sleepiness, irritability, or other impairment of daytime function by others, make difficult comparisons between studies. The insomnia treatments for which there is confirmation of efficacy include sleep restriction, in which the patient is instructed to remain in bed only as long as he is actually sleeping, stimulus control no activities in the bedroom except sleep and sex, and a variety of relaxation methods, particularly in the circumstance of multimodal sleep clinics (Rowe, 1995). While sleeping medication is big business,†¦show more content†¦Traditional treatments for chronic insomnia include drugs such as over-the-counter antihistamine preparations, with or without mild analgesics, benzodiazepine receptor agonists, sedating antidepressants, neuroleptics, melatonin, and herba l remedies such as valerian. The pharmacological advance has remained the most extensively used for decades, in spite of extensive concerns about long-term effectiveness, habituation, tolerance, and potential difficulties, especially in elderly people. Growing evidence suggests that non-pharmacological treatments, alone or perhaps in combination with drugs, produce clinically noteworthy and strong improvement. In looking at summary data about treatments, it should be noted, with some recent exceptions, outcome studies of pharmacotherapy are almost entirely restricted to brief treatment duration of less than 6 weeks. Even though little doubt exists about the helpfulness of hypnotic drugs for short-term treatment of acute insomnia, evidence shows that the effects of short-term pharmacotherapy trials degrade over time in patients with chronic insomnia. By contrast, cognitive-behavioural treatments are tough and robustly effective on long-term follow-up. In routine practice, pharma cotherapy and a variety of non-pharmacological interventions are sometimes united. Although clinical experience would seem to propose that this joint approachShow MoreRelatedMillions are Affected by Insomnia1500 Words   |  6 Pages Insomnia is one of the sleep-wake disorders and affects millions on a daily basis. Individuals affected by insomnia can have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and/or having non-restorative sleep. According to the American Psychiatric Association, insomnia symptoms are reported by one-third of all adults and 10-15% of those adults experience daytime impairments related to insomnia while 6-10% of them actually meet the criteria for insomnia disorder (2013, p. 364-365). The occurrence of insomniaRead MoreThe Effects Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy On Improving Anxiety Symptoms, Behavioral Problems And Parenting Stress1475 Words   |  6 Pages Effects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Improving Anxiety Symptoms, Behavioral Problems and Parenting Stress in Taiwanese Children with Anxiety Disorders and Their Mothers This study sought to explore whether or not individual cognitive behavioral therapy showed any improvements in Taiwanese children who were diagnosed with anxiety. Furthermore, to indicate if cognitive behavioral therapy improved their symptoms, helped with any behavioral issues, and aided to alleviate any parental stress feltRead MoreInsomnia814 Words   |  4 PagesTechniques Used to Treat Insomnia Theresa Duarte PSY 101 Freshman Introductions to Psychology November 24, 2014 Techniques Used by Professionals to Treat Insomnia I. Summary and Analysis of the Research. Majority of clinicians are not certain on whether to use medication or behavioral therapies to treat insomnia. Majority of them are not aware of the effectiveness, usefulness, and the importance of non medication methods. The topic here will discuss the various methods that healthRead MoreInsomni Behavioral Interventions For Insomnia1425 Words   |  6 Pages Insomnia Many people experience insomnia and are not even aware of how common this disorder have become. This paper is to present an overview of behavioral interventions for insomnia. Behavioral interventions for insomnia include relaxation training, stimulus control therapy, sleep restriction therapy, sleep hygiene, paradoxical intention therapy, cognitive restructuring, and other approaches. These are briefly explained in detail. Scientifically, insomnia is a general clinical term thatRead MoreSymptoms and Effects of Primary Insomnia Essay924 Words   |  4 PagesSymptoms and Effects of Primary Insomnia Insomnia, defined as difficulty in initiating or maintaining a restorative sleep that results in fatigue, the severity of persistence of which causes clinically significant distress or impairment in functioning (VandenBos, 2007, p. 485), connected with the pineal gland in the brain that produces melatonin that works with ‘circadian’ rhythms, which in time helps control sleep (Gillam, 2009). Through use of polysomnography, researchers find the possibilityRead MoreSymptoms and Effects of Primary Insomnia Essay917 Words   |  4 PagesSymptoms and Effects of Primary Insomnia The APA Dictionary of Pscyhology defines insomnia as a difficulty in initiating or maintaining a restorative sleep that results in fatigue, the severity of persistence of which causes clinically significant distress or impairment in functioning (VandenBos, 2007, p. 485). The pineal gland in the brain produces melatonin that works with ‘circadian’ rhythms, which in time help control sleep (Gillam, 2009). By use of polysomnography, researchers find thatRead MoreEssay about Insomnia1176 Words   |  5 PagesInsomnia Lying among tousled sheets, eluded by sleep with thoughts racing, many people wrestle with the nightly demon named insomnia. Insomnia is defined as, the perception or complaint of inadequate or poor-quality sleep because of one or more of the following: difficulty falling asleep, waking up frequently during the night with difficulty returning to sleep, waking up too early in the morning, or unrefreshing sleep (Rajput 1431). Because the definition of poor-quality sleep is not theRead MoreSleep Disturbances And The Multifactorial Nature Of Insomnia1548 Words   |  7 PagesAge-Related Changes. The previously discussed models and hypotheses are important in understanding the foundation of sleep disturbances and the multifactorial nature of insomnia. However, it is imperative to also acknowledge the age-related changes that effect sleep architecture and sleep patterns in older adults. The medical field has defined individuals over the age of 65 as elderly, and those over the age of 7 5 as geriatric. Many changes involving how sleep is initiated and maintained occurRead MoreInsomni Symptoms And Factors Essay1069 Words   |  5 PagesInsomnia Introduction Insomnia is a prevalent health complaint. About 6% to 10% of Americans are suffering from insomnia on a regular basis each year. Insomnia is predominant Among elderly people, People with chronic medical illness, and Those with anxiety or depressive disorders. In patients with cancer, insomnia is reported to be a common problem. The causes for insomnia in patients with cancer are related to psychological factors (anxiety or depression), pain, treatment-related toxicityRead MoreTreatment Of Schizophrenia And Generalized Anxiety Disorder1427 Words   |  6 Pageselectroconvulsive therapy when the disease is extensive (Watson, 2005). The complications in the treatment of the disease include headaches and disorientation. Schizophrenia is disease of the mind that makes it arduous for an individual to tell between the real and what is unreal. The symptoms of schizophrenia include obscured thinking depression and hallucinations among others. The treatment of schizophrenia ranges from pharmacotherapy to psychosocial interventions such as skills training, family therapy and

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The Human Immunodeficiency Virus ( Hiv ) - 2150 Words

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Human Immunodeficiency virus, also known as HIV. It is a virus that attacks our immune system, rendering it useless that it is unable to fight even the basic of infections. HIV is known as a Lentivirus it is known to make you sick but slowly; from the time you get infected to the time you get sick may be 7 to 8 years thus making it a slow virus. It is also a Retrovirus most virus are DNA virus, your bodies instruction manual is written in DNA (instructions for making proteins) but HIV uses RNA and converts this into DNA once it is inside the host cell, incorporating its viral DNA into the host cell’s DNA so the host cell can make more HIV cells. There are many different ways one can get HIV. HIV is†¦show more content†¦Now this is not the same as unprotected vaginal sex which has the second highest risk of transmission because there is exposure to sexual fluids such as semen, vaginal fluids to the mucous membrane. Even though vaginal sex has second highest risk of transmission but it is the most common way HIV is transmitted. And this is because overall people have more vaginal sex that anal sex. Oral sex is another way of transmitting HIV: using the mouth to stimulate the vagina, anus or penis which carries the risk of transmitting HIV. Also someone suffering from chlamydia, STI, Herpes or any other form of sexually transmitted diseases increases your chances of transmitting or getting HIV. As your skin, mucous surface, sores and ulcer (symptoms of STI) allow HIV to easily inject themselves. After sexual transmission the most frequent mode of transmission of HIV is exposure to the blood. A way HIV could be transmitted straight into the blood stream could be involving needles. Which may have been contaminated by someone else blood, so for example using intravenous drugs and sharing needles with someone that is HIV positive. Another case can be if you are a health social worker and you and are taking a sample of blood from a patient and accidently get struck by the needle, there could be a risk of HIV transmission.

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Cardio Free Essays

The angle and camera movement was mainly focused on Rick and his surroundings. . Discuss the use of at least three of the conventions of continuity editing used in this sequence as discussed in your text, starting on page 340. We will write a custom essay sample on Cardio or any similar topic only for you Order Now The scene was mostly based around the 1 80 degree rule, It Insured that I was not confused or It was Inconsistent. One example was when Sam was playing the Plano and the some background that was necessary was exploited. The A-line and B-line match was directed between Rick and his friend having conversation. The cross cutting created suspense when Islam and Rick met by the Plano when Sam and was playing the piano. C. This sequence is part of the plot’s exposition. Define â€Å"exposition† as it is used in terms of plot. (You first encountered this term in the chapter on narrative. ) In this Sibilance? Exposition in terms of plot is a form of discourse that explains, defines, and interprets. The word is also applied to the beginning portion of a plot in which background information about the characters and situation is set forth. . Watch the sequence in Citizen Kane which begins with a snowball hitting the â€Å"Mrs.. Cane’s Boarding House† sign and ending with the sled being covered by snow. This sequence is approximately four minutes long. (1) How many shots are there? I counted 2-3 shots. (2) Describe the use of the camera, including camera angle and movement and the types of shots used in this short sequence. The angle I would describe this scene as would b e a long shot. The focus was on Mrs.. Kane, Mr.. Kane and Jaw Getty’s while Junior was in the background outside playing in the snow. The camera followed the characters as well. Therefore, that is why there were not a lot of shots. (3) Notice the composition of each frame, I. E. , the placement of characters and objects within the frame of the shot. What is symbolically significant about this frame composition? The frame composition in this view led me intrigued on when there was going to be the next shot. The camera kept following the characters. All the characters were centered around each other except for Junior was in the background which is to be considered the long shot as in question 2. The images it conveyed was the window in the background and Junior playing in the snow which added a little dimension to the shot. 3. In a minimum of two well-developed paragraphs, compare/contrast the overall editing styles used in Sibilance and Citizen Kane. Be specific about types of editing quenches and transitions between scenes and between shots within a scene. The shots conveyed in Sibilance were more of mid shots than of Citizen Cane. In Citizen Cane there were more transitions fading in and out. Including Atlanta’s groundbreaking â€Å"deep focus† shots and many astonishing scenes, Citizen Kane is not only spectacular to look at, but the whole story telling is astonishing. Consider this famous scene, which captures the breakdown of a marriage in 2-1/2 minutes by furthering the distance of Kane and his first wife, Emily, at the breakfast table. Stupendous. And in terms of ingenuity, nothing in Sibilance compares. The lighting in both movies seemed to be the same considering they were both â€Å"black and white† The two main characters; Ills and Emily Norton were bright and stood out. Although Sibilance had one of the first new editing techniques brought to film I think Citizen Cane had more genius perspectives and editing, shots throughout the movies. Consider the scene in Citizen Cane when Not only has Wells now aged as Kane from about 25 to 70-something, but the shot of Kane walking though his huge, empty house with only reflections of himself is truly brilliant, as both visual imagery and none-too-subtle allegory. How to cite Cardio, Papers

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Valentine and I Wouldnt Thank You for a Valentine Essay Example For Students

Valentine and I Wouldnt Thank You for a Valentine Essay Red roses. Chocolates. Paper hearts. All of these things are usually linked to Valentines Day, and love in general. Metaphysical poets used to compare their love to such things, in order to charm women. It was known as using a conceit, often used in a very insincere way. The Metaphysicals intentions were not always honourable and were often exaggerated, and often used hyperboles by using conceits. The poems I am comparing do not show the good side of love, nor were they written in order to charm anybody. These poems mock Valentines Day, and in Duffys case, love in general. Both poets are against Valentines Day, but Duffy seems to be more extreme in her hatred towards love. Both poems have similarities as well as differences. Both poets are female, which is unconventional because love poems are often written by male admirers to woo or compliment a female. Both poets are Scottish 20th Century feminists. Both of the poems are deliberately unconventional, in form as well as content, to break away from the traditional view of a love poem that has been created by Valentines Day. We will write a custom essay on Valentine and I Wouldnt Thank You for a Valentine specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now When we consider Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy we notice is that its not set out in a regular style of a traditional love poem that somebody like Shakespeare would have written. Duffys poem uses a free verse style which reflects her personality. Duffy herself is a feminist who views herself as a woman living in a male-dominated world and in a blatant act of defiance she refuses to follow the trends that have been set by traditional poetry, in an effort not to be viewed as just another twentieth century poet. As I mentioned earlier, it seems that Duffy herself is set against love. Upon doing further research into Carol Ann Duffys personal life, I have discovered that while she was born in Glasgow, she moved to Staffordshire when she was four years old. This information tells us why Duffys Scottish heritage doesnt really show through in her poetry, its because she moved away at such a young age, and its quite unlikely that she grasped some of the traditions that the Scottish tend to have. Also, her profound dislike of men, and conversion to feminism may have begun at the age of sixteen, when she embarked on an affair with thirty-nine year old poet, Adrian Henri. He repeatedly cheated on her, and merely used his gift of poetry to make things up to her. Duffy has a twelve year old daughter named Ella, who is the product of an affair with writer Peter Benson in 1995. Duffy wrote Valentine in 1992, so she still had strong feminist views before this affair. Duffy broke up in 2004 with her long-time lesbian partner and fellow poet Jackie Kay. Duffy has stated herself that, Im not a lesbian poet, whatever that is. If I am a lesbian icon and a role model, thats great, but if it is a word that is used to reduce me, then you have to ask why someone would want to reduce me? I never think about it. I dont care about it. I define myself as a poet and as a mother thats all. The voice in this poem appears to be a couple on Valentines Day, with the female doing the speaking. A lot of the tone throughout the poem is blunt and hard-hitting, things you wouldnt expect in a love poem like words such as lethal, knife and fierce. From top to bottom, the poem is unconventional. The stanza, structure, rhyme and rhythm are all irregular. Interestingly, the poem looks as though it could be split into two halves. Duffy uses literary devices throughout the poems, such as metaphors, emphasis, oxymorons etc. These literary devices have a profound effect on the poem, displaying love in a negative light. But one of the main features of the poem is the conceit that Duffy uses. I touched on this earlier, when I mentioned that Metaphysical poets used conceits to display affection towards women, mainly in order to charm them. Duffy uses a conceit in this poem, but in a completely different fashion. Duffy compares her love to an onion. Throughout the entire poem, she backs her case, comparing the onion to a moon wrapped in brown paper etc. While that quote may been seen as odd or in some cases, romantic in a very unique way but mainly, they seem to be positive. Duffy also uses some comparisons that are very shocking to see in a love poem. Very negative things like its fierce kiss will stay on your lips and it will blind you with tears. The conceit is used overall to subvert the tradition of love. In doing this, Duffy is not only showing the flaws she sees in Valentines Day, she also seems to be wanting to modernise the symbols that we use for love, the tradition that Valentines Day seems to have created. The very same tradition that Carol Ann Duffy is against and she displays it in this poem. The opening line reads Not a red rose or a satin heart. From the very beginning of the poem, it starts out negatively, using the word not. This negativity is then carried throughout the poem. Red roses and satin hearts are traditional symbols of love that may be given to one another at Valentines Day, or as romantic gifts. However, Duffy seems to be mocking these values that most people have of love and implying that they have no true meaning, or likeness to what love is about in her mind. As the old expression goes, Beauty is only skin deep. The following line says, I give you an onion. This line has a very blunt, truthful tone to it. It confirms her honest approach, and that shes being deadly serious about giving her partner an onion. The next three lines say It is a moon wrapped in brown paper. It promises light like the careful undressing of love. Duffy is explaining how an onion works as a love gift. The brown skin is the wrapping paper of the gift, the onion. She then compares her gift to the moon, and the white skin of the onion represents light. Moonlight often provides a romantic setting, so Duffy could have been using this metaphor to represent love. Duffy uses this metaphor in a way that says love isnt always what you expect when you take away the outside layers, and get to know the persons personality a little better, once you peel away the layers. This metaphor questions what love itself is all about. Questions whether or not love really will give you happiness. Duffy is using the onion as a symbol of her love, representing the tougher side of love, the truth about love. Therefore, this poem isnt about Valentines Day. This poem takes a deep look at love. It looks at what love is made up of. The next stanza reads, Here. 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Duffy is using imagery here, with her handing the onion over to her significant other and saying Here as an imperative command. When we peel onions, our eyes tend to water, with the scent that the onion gives out. In the same way, in a relationship, tears tend to be shed and grief is given when pain is caused by a loved one. Duffy is using emotive language to drive her point across. The next two stanzas are unusual because they are both single line stanzas. It is here, after the third stanza that the poem could be split into two. The first of these single lined stanzas read I am trying to be truthful. By using a one lined stanza, Duffy uses emphasis. She also states the purpose of her unusual gift. The second single lined stanza reads, Not a cute card or a kissogram. As we saw earlier, Duffy rejects the traditional gifts commonly given on Valentines Day. She doesnt approve of commercial tokens of love and once again we see emphasis being used from the first line in the poem. The sixth stanza reads, I give you an onion. Its fierce kiss will stay on your lips, possessive and faithful as we are, for as long as we are. I give you an onion is repeated from the first line for even further emphasis. It also seems to me that it sounds like I give you this ring which is commonly used at weddings, the highest form of love you can possibly show to another person. Duffy uses words like faithful and for as long as we are to refer to the length of time their relationship will last. Fierce kiss is used as an oxymoron, and fierce is a word you wouldnt usually associate with love poems. Will stay on your lips is a very good line because it symbolizes that when a relationship ends, bitter feelings remain. The comparison with an onion works well. After eating an onion, the taste remains in your mouth. And a kiss can remain in a persons mind forever. The final stanza goes Take it. Its platinum loops shrink to a wedding ring, if you like. Lethal. Its scent will cling to your fingers, cling to your knife. Duffy is now demanding that her partner take the gift, Take it. She then compares the onion to a wedding ring, as the loops shrink to the size of the wedding ring, although she quickly adds, if you like. It also suggests that marriage constricts you, as a finger would probably not fit into one of the tiny onion loops. Finally, its unconventional because usually its the man asking the woman to get married, not the other way round and especially in such a peculiar manner. The gentle picture of peeling the onion layers away has been distorted into a much more brutal image of cutting the onion up with a knife. Sometimes people never truly recover from a failed relationship or marriage and theyll continue to feel heartache and bitterness. Thats why its so effective when Duffy says, Its scent will cling to your fingers, cling to your knife. When we look at I Wouldnt Thank You For A Valentine by Liz Lochhead, we see some similarities and differences. Liz Lochhead was also born in Scotland in 1947. She is a well-known Scottish poet, dramatist and performance artist. She began as a teacher in fine art, but became a full time writer in the 70s. While both poets were born in Scotland, its only Lochheads Scottish heritage that shows through in the poem when she uses terms like Same Auld Story and canny be bothered. One of the most important points to remember when comparing these two poems is that unlike Duffy, Lochhead is not against love, she is merely against the artificial aspect of love that Valentines Day has created. Lochhead feels that love has almost been destroyed in the way that people view it, when it seems that they have to buy their partners love with gifts and surprises. As a feminist, Lochhead feels that love shouldnt be used as a profit for a company. The poem itself is set out as a rap, which is immediately peculiar. Not only is it highly unconventional in such a way because love poems are not usually ever written in the form of a rap. But also, it allows Lochhead to bluntly say what she wants, in a way that suits her. In modern day rap music, there is little or no censorship on what some artists will say. Some love poems did have a musical quality to them and could be songs, but that was never done on purpose. So, in the modern era, Lochhead decided to take a modern genre music, but not one that would be associated with love like a ballad, she instead chooses a rap. The first line, like Duffys starts out negative in saying I wouldnt thank you for a Valentine. In fact, not only does it set the negative standard in which the rest of the poem lives up to, it also sounds quite rude and insulting to her partner who had probably gone out and bought her a loving gift, only to find rejection on Lochheads face. The next line emphasises her ungratefulness when it says, I wont wake up wondering if the postmans been. Lochhead then writes, Should 10 red-padded satin hearts arrive with a sticky sickly saccharine. She uses alliteration here, but not just regular alliteration. Lochhead uses an s sound that is usually sounds like a hiss coming from a snake. But one can imagine Lochhead screwing her nose up as she looks at the flowers. Saccharine was an artificial sweetener, which is used to describe the flowers as being fake, and commercial. The next line says, Sentiments in very vulgar verses I wouldnt wonder if you meant them. Lochhead again uses alliteration, but her character is almost in a rage in a sense with her partner who had gone to all this trouble, but shed rather if he hadnt bothered at all. Her no nonsense approach continues in the next line when she begins condescending her partner by asking him, Two dozen anonymous Interflora roses? Her Scottish heritage shows through here when she says, Id not bother to swither over who sent them! . This essentially means that shes not willing to go into a state of excitement over such a trivial gift. .udc0b05a7bb21e3329f6ad2f839458032 , .udc0b05a7bb21e3329f6ad2f839458032 .postImageUrl , .udc0b05a7bb21e3329f6ad2f839458032 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .udc0b05a7bb21e3329f6ad2f839458032 , .udc0b05a7bb21e3329f6ad2f839458032:hover , .udc0b05a7bb21e3329f6ad2f839458032:visited , .udc0b05a7bb21e3329f6ad2f839458032:active { border:0!important; } .udc0b05a7bb21e3329f6ad2f839458032 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .udc0b05a7bb21e3329f6ad2f839458032 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .udc0b05a7bb21e3329f6ad2f839458032:active , .udc0b05a7bb21e3329f6ad2f839458032:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .udc0b05a7bb21e3329f6ad2f839458032 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .udc0b05a7bb21e3329f6ad2f839458032 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .udc0b05a7bb21e3329f6ad2f839458032 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .udc0b05a7bb21e3329f6ad2f839458032 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .udc0b05a7bb21e3329f6ad2f839458032:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .udc0b05a7bb21e3329f6ad2f839458032 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .udc0b05a7bb21e3329f6ad2f839458032 .udc0b05a7bb21e3329f6ad2f839458032-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .udc0b05a7bb21e3329f6ad2f839458032:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Poetry Analysis EssayLochhead uses a refrain, for emphasis when she repeats the first line to end the first stanza, I wouldnt thank you for a Valentine. The second stanza begins, Scrawl SWALK across the envelope. Scrawl suggests untidy, or careless. Lochhead uses SWALK, which is an abbreviation for Sealed With A Loving Kiss. The envelope clearly has a love card, or letter inside from her partner. However, Lochhead scoffs and says, Id just say Same Auld Story, I canny be bothered deciphering it. Im up to here with Amore! The whole Valentines Day thing is trivial and commercial. A cue for unleashing clichi and candy heart motifs to which I personally am not partial' Her Scot tish vernacular shines through yet again. Unlike Duffy, Lochhead decides to enter some humour into her poems, and uses a more light-hearted approach. Im up to here with Amore! proves that point as Amore is Italian (known to be a city of love and romance) for love. She uses the term commercial which is how Lochhead genuinely views Valentines Day, as an excuse to buy meaningless gifts, to benefit companies. Take more than singing Telegrams, or pints of Chanel Five, or sweets, to get me ordering oysters or ironing my black satin sheets. Lochhead begins to name companies, in particular Chanel Five which is a brand of perfume, and a very common gift on Valentines Day. However, Chanel Five perfume often comes in very small quantities, so when Lochhead says pints of Chanel Five, its odd because even though that would surely be enough perfume to do her for the rest of her living life, she still is uncaring at the gesture. When Lochhead says to get me ordering oysters its probably because oysters are often seen as an aphrodisiac. The last line declares that her love cant be bought and it will take more than a few gifts to sweep her off her feet. The final line in the stanza is yet another refrain, I wouldnt thank you for a valentine. Lochhead continues, If you sent me a solitaire and promises solemn. This is a clear reference to marriage, which may not be something that Lochhead wants. Took out an ad in the Guardian Personal Column saying something very soppy such as Who loves ya Poo? Ill tell you, I do, Fozzy Bear, thats who! is a humorous oxymoron, because the Guardian is an intellectual broadsheet, one that wouldnt include Personal Columns. However, Lochhead has included it anyway, which is amusing, and keeps the light-hearted aura around the poem. The Fozzy Bear/Poo reference is an attempt at Lochhead to say that love should be deeper than that, and the words I love you should be used when only when you really mean it. In her mind, I love you has lost next to all meaning, and has been completely demeaned. Youd entirely fail to charm me, in fact Id detest it, I wouldnt be eighteen again for anything, Im glad Im past it. The level of negativity is kept when Lochhead says Id detest it. Not dislike, but sheer detest. Lochhead uses a very strong word, and a blunt tone to get her point across. Lochhead refers to her younger days which begs the reader to ask if things like that worked on her when she was eighteen. Perhaps she was talking about something that had happened to her. At the very end of the third stanza, Lochhead repeats, I wouldnt thank you for Valentine. The final stanza begins with Lochhead listing off more items that would fail to do the job, If you sent me a single orchid, or a pair of Janet Regers in a heart shaped box and declared your Love Eternal, Id say Id not be caught dead in them they were politically suspect and Id rather something thermal. Lochhead refers to Janet Regers, which is a very expensive brand of lingerie. Lochhead questions whether this gift is really for her, or has her partner bought it for his own enjoyment? Lochhead, as a feminist, gets to the point and refuses outright to wear it ever, and would rather have something thermal, which isnt attractive at all. Lochhead ends the stanza by saying, If you hired a plane and blazed our love in a banner across the skies; if you bought me something flimsy in a flatteringly wrong size; if you sent me a postcard with three Xs and told me how you felt I wouldnt thank you, Id melt. Lochhead talks about blazing our love in a banner across the skies which is something you would see in a Hollywood blockbuster, not something that would usually happen in real life. Lochhead uses alliteration when she says something flimsy in a flatteringly wrong size and criticizes her partner for purposely buying something too small, in a pitiful attempt to buy her affections and love. At the very climax, Lochhead says I wouldnt thank you which is a refrain from the end of the previous three stanzas but instead of saying for a Valentine she says, Id melt. What the reader has to understand is that Lochhead is not saying she melt with love, shes saying shed melt with embarrassment. When it comes to love, I feel that neither poet is right. Duffy has clearly been hurt in the past and is either given up on love totally, or is living in fear of rejection. I support Lochhead when she says that Valentines Day is a commercial attempt to dig deeper in our wallets, but I doubt that if somebody gave me a gift for Valentines Day, that I would send it back in their faces. Love is a difficult subject, especially for me to criticize, when it doesnt carry any of the heavier responsibilities for me yet, like marriage, children or finance. However, I feel that love should be embraced, and not criticized. Both poems put down the image of love that the modern public perceives. But in my mind at least, I can just say that if it makes them happy, then I have absolutely nothing against it.